Sistersage The Psychic


As an intuitive healer in IN, I am not your average psychic. I meet with all my clients on an informal level, such as in a coffee shop, before we move on to the spiritual readings. I perform many typical psychic services, but so much more. As far as readings go, I am trained to channel my intuition through the traditional avenues of Tarot, palm reading, divination, and conjuring. I am not merely clairvoyant, but clairaudient, clairsentinent, and clairsentient. That’s right, in addition to seeing the paranormal, I can hear it, sense it, and truly know it. These extrasensory powers allow me to read auras as well. From this point, after I have intuited each client’s history, I evaluate their present, and let them in on the individualized secrets to success for their personal future. My twenty year stint in metaphysics that I am constantly combining all these elements, almost subconsciously, to provide the most comprehensive reading of any psychic in Indiana. I provide these services for one on one with clients, but you can also hire me for parties to make them a little more meaningful. If you cannot make it to me in person, I accept paypal for my online sessions.

Beyond psychic readings, I conduct a host of other spiritual activities, usually occurring on Sundays. The second Sunday of every month, I hold a drum circles for those of you wanting to get in touch with the more pastoral elements of the psyche. For your academic side, I teach metaphysics classes every third Sunday at 1:00 PM Sanctuary of Eternal Truth Church in New Albany. I can be found at a number of festivals throughout the year.